How do I update my cluster configuration?

  1. Click on the "Clusters" link on the top nav bar after logging in.
  2. Click on your Typesense Cloud cluster's dashboard link
  3. Click on the "Cluster Conifugration" section in the left pane
  4. Click on the "Modify" button on the top of the page
  5. On the next screen, you'll be able to pick an upgrade timeframe, and then specify which configuration parameters you want to change
  6. Click on "Schedule Change" at the bottom of the page

We support the following configuration changes:

  • Upgrading Typesense Server versions
  • Downgrading Typesense Server versions (when supported by a version)
  • Upgrading or Downgrading RAM
  • Upgrading or Downgrading CPU cores
  • Enabling or disabling High Performance disk
  • Enabling or disabling GPU Acceleration
  • Enabling High Availability

For all other types of configuration changes, you would have to provision a new cluster with the desired configuration and reindex your data in it.

If you have High Availability already turned ON for your cluster, you will not experience a downtime during a cluster configuration change. Learn more here.

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