Does my Typesense Cloud cluster auto-scale?

For every cluster you spin up in Typesense Cloud, you get a dedicated set of node(s) with the RAM and vCPU capacity you choose when you provision it. By default, this cluster does not auto-scale. But you can turn on Capacity Auto-scaling from "Overview > Cluster Configuration > Modify". 

When recommended capacity thresholds for RAM and CPU are exceeded in a 12-hour rolling window, you will receive an automated alert letting you know about this. 

  • If you had enabled Capacity Auto-Scaling, your cluster will be upgraded to the next RAM/CPU tier within 24 hours.
  • If you had not enabled Capacity Auto-Scaling, you will still receive a notification and if you reply to the notification asking for your cluster to be upgraded, we can do the upgrade for you from our side, so there's no work involved on your end.

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